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Single Serving Wine Glass

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A box of wine is portable, but not classy. Stemware is classy, but not portable. But in a stroke of mad genius, inventor James Nash has combined the two to revolutionize drinking on the go. Cheers! Meet the Tulip.

Nash’s company, Wine Innovations, has been selling these babies like hotcakes at about $3.40 a glass. Which isn’t bad for the quantity: each sealed, recyclable container holds 187.5ml about six ounces of vino. Just enough to convince yourself that you’re not drinking a full glass, so might as well pop open another one.

via Single Serving Wine Glass Drowns Your Multiple Sorrows. – Gizmodo


Dews Toothbrush

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Toothbrush Upstanding Tall, With Pride

Ever felt icky about putting down your toothbrush onto the sink? Keep it rested on the toothpaste or balance it on the soap dish, but never flat on the sink surface! For hygiene-freaks like me is the DEWS Toothbrush by Ryan and Harc, an ergonomically designed brush that keeps standing upright and never tipples over. There are weights at the end of its rounded handle to create a centre of gravity at the handle base. When you set it down, it stays put for a second and then springs back upright. Tumble-doll-brush!

via Dews Toothbrush by Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee ยป Yanko Design.

Synchronized Dancing Robots

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Your Frantic Jumping Energizes This E-Rope Battery Charger

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This concept from over at Yanko Design would charge batteries using a traditional jump rope action. Also, your self-respect. Start practicing!

via Your Frantic Jumping Energizes This E-Rope Battery Charger.

Nintendo 3DS: Extended Play Impressions (Star Fox is Back!)

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Star Fox, which wasn’t shown during the press conference, seems like the type of game that the 3DS was born to play. You fly Fox McCloud’s starfighter, firing laser blasts at enemies and dodging through obstacles at high speeds.

The experience translates well to the 3D screen. But I had an issue similar to the one I had when I watched certain scenes of Avatar: my eyes didn’t always know where to focus.

In 2D, your eyes can focus on everything in sight. But in 3D, at least on the 3DS, I found myself focusing on multiple planes, which was bit of workout for the ol’ eyes. And on top of that, my brain was a bit confused between perspective cues (objects growing larger as I approached them) and these new, stereoscopic 3D cues.

What exactly does that mean? It’s simple. I crashed more than I’d expected, and keep in mind, I’m historically really, really good at Star Fox.

And it wasn’t just Star Fox, the same could be said for the new Pilotwings and Kid Icarus titles. (Which to be fair are a similar type of gameplay. )

via Nintendo 3DS: Extended Play Impressions (Star Fox is Back!).

The Inside Story of the MotoCzysz E1pc, the World’s Most Advanced Electric Motorcycle | Popular Science

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This is the 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc, a race bike built by a tiny Oregonian company focused on pushing the limits of electric performance to the absolute max. It packs 10 times the battery capacity of a Toyota Prius and 2.5 times the torque of a Ducati 1198 into a package that looks like something out of a 24th-century Thunderdome.

Tomorrow it will race in the Isle of Man TT, the toughest motorcycle race in the world. The technology at work is so advanced, so unprecedented, that we may be looking not just at the future of motorcycles, but of all electric vehicles.

via The Inside Story of the MotoCzysz E1pc, the World’s Most Advanced Electric Motorcycle | Popular Science.

Sub -Tube on the Behance Network

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Many people dream of having a nice bathtub at home.

They imagine getting home, relaxing in pleasant water with their favorite oils.

But this dream never comes true.


We noticed that the space availability for the installation of a bathtub was the main reason for not having one.

So we designed the “Sub” Whirlpool bath & Washbasin Unit.

The innovation in this project is to leverage the space below the washbasin.

Also, it incorporates a damping device that allows easy rising and lowering of the washbasin unit.

When raised, the washbasins unit and the flat shaped taps fit perfectly into the wall mounted mirror and shelves.

Its underside integrates an OLED Screen, featuring whatever image the user uploaded.

via Sub -Tube on the Behance Network.