Coconut Water: The Next Big Thing?

It comes from a coconut and it just might be the new sports drink of the decade. Zico is one brand of coconut water that’s already making a splash in the United States. Many celebrities and pro athletes swear by it.

“Instead of drinking the conventional sports drinks with the high fructose corn syrup and the coloring, they’re going for Zico – which is all natural with no preservatives,” said Zico Representative Mark Esteban.

Finding a tree with the perfect green coconut might be a challenge. However, you no longer have to take your thirst to Central America to get a refreshing sip. Coconut water is already available at most supermarkets.

Nutritionists are also giving the new energy drink two thumbs up. They say this new product is really not new at all. People have been drinking coconut water for hundreds of years.

Philippines, Thailand, and Brazil people grew up on it,” Esteban said.

“You’re talking about the coconut water of a green coconut,” said Dr. Diane Longstreet, a nutritionist at University Community Hospital in Tampa. “It’s very rich in potassium. It is a significant source of magnesium – very low in sodium and also low in sugar.”

Longstreet says it’s especially good for rehydration and muscle cramps. It works in the same way Gatorade and Vitamin Water does but it doesn’t have any added sugar.

“We’ve kept it 100 percent true to what it is,” said Esteban. “We don’t add any preservatives.”

Experts claim one cup of coconut water has more electrolytes than most sports drinks and more potassium than a banana.

“Potassium is one of those minerals that we tend to not get as much of because we aren’t eating our fruits and vegetables,” said Longstreet. “But coconut water is an excellent source of potassium.”

“It’s so funny because you look at bottles – often times they have 16 grams of sugar and then you look at the top of the bottle and it says three servings. So, you drink that bottle and you are just getting loads and loads of sugar,” said Morgan Watt, a new fan of coconut water.

There are several brands ( Zico , Vita Coco , O.N.E. ) now on the market in the United States. Prices vary from $17 – $22 for a 12 pack.

via Coconut Water: The Next Big Thing?.


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