Hands-on with the Entourage Edge – Cnet – Gizmodo

The goal of the Edge, the company says, is to offer a device that can replace the textbooks and notebooks carried around by typical high school students.”We just thought here was a way to take technology and apply it to what they carry around,” said Entourage Systems Vice President Doug Atkinson. “The initial goal was to put a 30-pound backpack in a device. I think we’ve achieved that.”There are a lot of features to like about the three-pound device, although, it definitely has the look and feel of a first-generation product.The Edge’s main selling point is, of course, the fact that it has two screens to do true work on. Unlike the Nook, which uses its color screen only for navigating the eBook and as an on-screen keyboard, the Edge’s LCD can be used to run a variety of Android applications or to browse the Web.The electronic ink side, meanwhile, can be used not only for reading books, but also for taking notes, using a stylus.

via Hands-on with the Entourage Edge – Cnet – Gizmodo.


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