Plaza del Torico Paved with LEDs

The pavement developed enables a sensitive relationship to the variety of interpretations of the stories, events and emotions that converge on the square. The compositional strategy of systematic repetition and variation materializes physically on the surface of the pavement of basaltic stone: light through a system based on LED technology. The change stems from the runoff diagram of the square, which translates into power lines, causing bifurcations and inflections to encounter various obstacles: surface with the fountain of Torico (where is the turning point of enlightenment); low flush with tanks, on which the vector density is reduced by half, so that the presence of underground archeological values is visible in the public space. The remodelling of the Plaza del Torico has included an innovative lighting system consisting of 1.230 luminaries led lamps embedded in the ground that have the ability to change color using a video program, which can generate different textures and rhythms light.

The lighting of facades, following the criteria of the European Union, is performed by luminaries based headed to bathe in the same direction from top to bottom, putting them in value. In the porches has been used indirect lighting that highlights other items, while the Torico lights from the facades of the square for a light beam focused.

via Plaza del Torico / b720 | ArchDaily.


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