B&N’s Nook Is A Kindle Killer: 5 Reasons Why by PC World: Yahoo! Tech

Barnes & Noble’s new Nook e-reader is the e-reader that competitors must now beat. So long Kindle 2, it was nice knowing you, but a better reader has come along. And just in time for the holidays, too.If Amazon doesn’t have a new model up its sleeve, it will be a Merry Christmas at B&N and a sack of coal for Amazon.

1. Better Hardware: The Nook starts with specifications that closely match the Kindle 2, including the $259 price. Exclusive Nook hardware features include a Micro SD slot, supplementing the 2GB built-in memory and Wi-Fi to supplement AT&T 3G connectivity. (Kindle uses Sprint, lacks Wi-Fi). While standby battery life is shorter than the Kindle (10 days vs. 14 days), the Nook battery is removable and replaceable–the Kindle’s is not.

2. Color Display: Below the main 6-inch “reader display” is a 3.5-inch multi-touch color display, used for control and navigation. (Replacing the Kindle’s keyboard).

3. More Books: B&N offers more titles than Amazon, plus the Nook can access 500,000 public domain titles from Google that are not available to Kindle users. The Nook will load and read Adobe Acrobat PDF documents, which the Kindle does not do.

4. Loan-able e-Books: Nook users can loan their e-books for 14 days at a time to other Nook owners as well as iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry, and PC devices (Mac and Windows) running free B&N reader software.

5. Storefronts: Potential customers can try out a Nook at their local B&N store, making it easier for the undecided to make a purchase decision. The stores will also offer special Nook content, including the ability to read entire books in-store for free.

6. Android: (Bonus reason) The Nook is an Android device. I am not sure that matters today, except for “cool factor” but it may be important in the future.


3 Responses to “B&N’s Nook Is A Kindle Killer: 5 Reasons Why by PC World: Yahoo! Tech”

  1. Iris Monarch Says:

    Can you access public library e-books with the Nook? I know you can with the Sony E-Reader, but not the Kindle.

  2. I don’t really understand the “more books” claim. If you go to the B&N site and browse on ebooks, it reports over 1M books, but if you add up all of the books in each category, it’s ~80K with a large number of repeated titles. The bulk of the 1M books seems to be coming from Google Books which can also be coverted to read on the Kindle.

    If I do the same thing on Amazon, I find 393K books in the list and the sum of the books by category is 762K. That makes sense with the books being listed in more than one category. (google books are not shown in the lists, but there are some “free” books that pad the list)

    From a more practical perspective: Side by side, I did searches for 25 random but “popular” books on my shelf and found 1 ebook version on B&N and 18 on Amazon.

    I wish it was true that B&N had the better selection because I love the Nook and really *don’t* like the Kindle, but the “more books” claim seems very misleading.

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