Sony XBR10 Flagship LCD HDTV Has Sidelit LED, Wireless HDMI and Media Streaming – Sony xbr10 – Gizmodo

Sony’s new XBR10—known overseas as as the ZX5–is their new flagship. It heralds the return of LEDs that the XBR9 skipped, but is sidelit. That means it’s skinny, but doesn’t do localized background dimming. *Tears!*

It does, however, stream 1080p from a wireless source. That and the clear plastic block design—appearing as if the panel is suspended in a thin block of Lucite, like a visible LCD version of Han Solo—mean it’s guaranteed to look oh so purdy hanging on a wall and from the side. What remains to be seen is how good the XBR10 looks compared to the XBR8. (The obscenely over-engineered set from two generations ago looked better to reviewers than the XBR9.)

The set has a few more things going for it, too. Like DLNA media streaming, Youtube, Amazon on Demand and “later in the fall, Netflix”. (There are also other services, but I have no doubt they’ll be of lesser value than the ones I mentioned.) It plays 24p content and has 240Hz tech, which interpolates 3 frames for every one (a tech that no one can see.) And it’ll have the cross media interface.

The thing about the XBR8 was that it was expensive; the picture quality alone could not justify the $3000-$4000 cost. So, how does a wireless set like this one get away with costing $4500 and $5000 for 46 and 52-inch flavors?

via Sony XBR10 Flagship LCD HDTV Has Sidelit LED, Wireless HDMI and Media Streaming – Sony xbr10 – Gizmodo.


3 Responses to “Sony XBR10 Flagship LCD HDTV Has Sidelit LED, Wireless HDMI and Media Streaming – Sony xbr10 – Gizmodo”

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  3. I carefully looked at all of the reviews before purchasing this TV. Frankly, some of the reviews almost convinced me that this LED was not good. However, I have to say that it is by far the best electronic gear that I have ever purchased. The quality of the picture is fantastic. To avoid the soap opera appearance, all you have to do is select “Clear” under the 240 Hz picture option, resulting in a fantastic picture. I also like to way it interacts with my bluray and surround sound systems. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

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