Sony considers music downloads for PSP

pspSony has spoken with some of the major recording companies about providing music for the PlayStation Portable, music industry sources told CNET News.

The sources said the talks are only preliminary and no deals have been struck. But apparently, Sony is considering offering music on the PlayStation Network, the company’s nascent multiplayer gaming and digital download service. Such a move could place the PSP in direct competition with other multiuse music players, most notably the iPhone.

Spokespeople from Sony and the big recording labels declined to comment for this story.

The PSP is a nifty little handheld that plays games, video, and music, but has never fully lived up to its potential, many say. With a larger screen and superior games, the PSP could have rivaled the iPod. The PSP’s development, however, was partially hobbled by not offering digital content for download.

PlayStation Portable

(Credit: Sony Corp.)

Instead, Sony early on chose a walled-garden approach to content. To watch videos on the PSP, the company stuck with physical media and required customers to buy Universal Media Discs, the mini DVDs that play only on PSPs. UMDs never caught on, and one reason was that Sony didn’t initially offer a means to watch the discs on a television. This meant PSP owners who bought a UMD movie had to pay out again for a DVD if they wanted to watch on a TV.

via Sources: Sony considers music downloads for PSP | Digital Media – CNET News.


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