50mph Electric Jetski – Engadget

Beware Big Oil executives: EVs aren’t content to just take over the morning commute. They’re targeting all motorized leisure activities, and while we’ve already seen how an electric motorcycle can be just as much fun as a petrol-powered version, electric waverunners look to be next. The company is Eco Watercraft, pledging to build its machines in a factory powered by renewable means, thus giving the vehicles twice the green cred. The model in the videos embedded below doesn’t look like it could stand a chance of keeping up with some of the more powerful watercraft on the market today, like Yamaha’s ridiculous FX Cruiser SHO and its supercharger, but it should be good enough to get your kicks whilst earning fewer dirty looks from birdwatching kayakers. Now if only we knew how much that privilege will cost you.

via Engadget.


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