Monster Curved TV

Shinoda Plasma Corporation, the company’s next PTA technology 3m, vertical 2m developed a prototype of the 145-film-type display. I turned around and announced to the market.

1m × 1m sub module seamlessly combine 6 pieces, and a 145-inch diagonal. Number of pixels is 960 × 720 dots (horizontal × vertical), which can be displayed in a curved bend. The 145 display, weighs about 7.2kg and lightweight, the power consumption is 800W (up to 1200W).

PTA is a principle similar to plasma emission, RGB and the length of the phosphor coating each 1m, about 1mm thick glass lined tubes, display structures put in a glass tube clip of the film electrode. In addition, surface and cylindrical, and can also display the shape of flexible manufacturing.

The company, in 2008 October “FPD International 2008” in the 125-type (3m × 1m) were opened to the public, increase the vertical view. “Can see life-size” of 3m × 2m-145 was achieved.

In addition, Itochu Corporation and WAIEISHII for two business partners decided to invest in companies and projects. The two companies each have a stake in the 5000’s, and will collaborate on WAIEISHII automated production lines, and Itochu Corp. will cooperate in conducting the sale.

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2 Responses to “Monster Curved TV”

  1. Samsung LN52A650
    This TV is the top recommendation from Consumer Reviews (for its value and quality). I agree and I also used the recommended settings found online at I use it with Vista Media Center and it works very nicely. I use the screen zoom feature found in VMC to accommodate the various aspect ratios found in broadcast and movie sources and leave the TV set to 16:9. Make sure to adjust the resolution and any overscan settings (e.g. using the video card settings) so that you get the full benefit of the size and resolution (Nvidia does a great job of providing the proper software for this).
    The only big issue I have come across is the excessive interference with the VMC IR receiver. This TV will flood the room with IR noise when certain settings are being used (I am pretty sure its the energy saver settings). This IR noise makes the VMC remote virtually useless. I found some posts regarding these settings and corrected the issue. Now, I am happily viewing with full control of my systems.
    It is an impressive TV and I am happy with it so far. As for size and weight, I can see how even at 52″, I will eventually be interested in something larger but will likely go to a projector system. I think this unit weighs perhaps a few lbs less than my 27″ Sony Trinitron (and it is sooo much better)!
    I have been viewing analog signals on it at SDTV resolutions…this leaves something to be desired. Switching to a digital signal and hopefully higher resolutions (for normal broadcast/cable programming) will greatly improve the quality of the image.
    BTW, the 120Hz settings make a movie look like it was shot on video (very sharp image with little inertial smoothing). This is great for sports type programming but not to my liking for feature films.

  2. Samsung LN52A650
    Best picture of all the 52″ lcds I’ve seen. Crisp, sharp, looks good even before I’ve adjusted it at all. No dead pixels.
    Plays a sound when turned on/off (there might be an option to turn it off but I haven’t found it).
    Color around the edge isn’t too noticeable except in bright direct light.
    Can’t give arbitrary names to inputs; must select from a list and there is only one ‘Game’ selection, so if you have XBox 360, PS3, and Wii you have to guess which is which when selecting inputs (or remember the input number).
    Switching inputs is not bad on this tv, much better and less annoying than other tvs I’ve used.

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