Belkin’s Micro Auto Charger

Most USB car chargers look like a perfect nightmare of bad design and nerdery. Belkin has acknowledged this and offered up the respectable Micro Auto Charger (also realizing 4-port USB car chargers are overkill).

The Micro Auto Charger has a 1-amp USB port that promises to charge gadgets super quick. Other than that, there’s not much else to say about the thing, except that it charges pretty much anything you can shake a USB cable at. Belkin also released the dual-port Dual Auto Charger, which adds an extra 500 mA USB port, but it’s fat and ugly and has one port too many.

via Gizmodo – I Would Not Be Ashamed to Have Belkin’s Micro Auto Charger in My Car – Belkin Micro Auto Charger.


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