Piaggio Hybrid Scooter: 170 MPG

Vespa is almost synonymous with scooters these days. So when Piaggio, who makes Vespas, decides to go hybrid, it’s a very big deal. But it’s a bigger deal when the hybrid technology is doing things that we’ve never seen before.

Scooters are fuel efficient all on their own, so when you add in an advanced regenerative and plug-in hybrid electric system, you should expect some serious results. And that’s what we’re seeing. Based on the way these scooters are driven, they can achieve up to 170 miles per gallon of gasoline. Because the electric motors can be programmed to produce various amounts of torque, the new hybrid scooter system (HyS) from Piaggio can also be molded to individual preferences.

via Leaning, Three-Wheeled, Hybrid Scooter: 170 MPG | EcoGeek – Clean Technology.


4 Responses to “Piaggio Hybrid Scooter: 170 MPG”

  1. Is this hybrid electric scooter currently available for sale in the USA?

    If so, what is the actual price?

    So far, I cannot seem to find this information.

    Thank you.

  2. Not much info yet. It looks like it will be in Europe first.

    Some more info on July 2009 below:

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    when will it come to illinois

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