How To Decode Your Car’s VIN

The Vehicle Information Number (VIN) plate on cars is a clever way to communicate everything about a car in a simple, hard-to-duplicate format. Below, we show you how to decode any vehicle’s 17-digit VIN number.

The Vehicle Identification Number program was initiated in 1980 as a way to standardize the serial numbers on cars. Cars built before 1981 don’t prescribe to a universal standard and therefore require manufacturer-specific information to decode. The entire VIN process was created to assure people don’t pretend one car is another.

Knowing how to decode a VIN is an easy way to make sure you’re not ripped off by either buying a vehicle pretending to be something it isn’t, like a stock Mustang dressed up to be a special edition Cobra, or purchasing a car with a salvage or rebuilt title. But how to do it? The folks at helped out by giving us some details which we’ve now expounded

via Jalopnik Car Care: How To Decode Your Car’s VIN.


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